Who the f@#k

About my work:

sometimes, you get that certain feeling, that a moment won’t go by. you are hoping it lasts forever. you are escaping into this mood again and again. I get those feelings, when I am looking through my lens and everything matches together perfectly. when light, motive and mood fits together in a magical way, for me the loud world turns into peaceful silence. to be present, living in the NOW. in the no-mind. that’s the little sweet spot that transforms a photograph into an emotion. something that’s not tangible. something you must feel with your heart to understand it. that’s how I can give a moment eternity and share it with others. timeless.

About me:
  • 28 years old dreamer
  • photographer and filmmaker
  • moody & romantic visuals
  • in love with imperfection
  • shooting on Leica M
  • pizza, roadtrips and 35mm